In Japan, a new trend is gaining momentum: virtual weddings with the characters of different games and animes. Ceremonies are held in the presence of a real priest and a virtual bride, whom only the groom sees.

One of the most popular games to make an impulse to a trend is Niizuma Lovely x Cation. This is a dating simulator, a subgenre of a popular visual novel in this country. In such games, the user has rather a passive role:

  • at the beginning of the game, he chooses or constructs a protagonist (one or more);
  • and then watches the simple plot unfold;
  • occasionally choosing cues in dialogues or scenarios.

On the most dating simulators, the final is a sex with a virtual character or a wedding; some apps allow you to continue the game in the format of a marriage simulator after paying for a ceremony. Of course, it’s not sound like normal thing! A Japanese resident fell in love with a she-character in virtual reality so much that he decided to marry her.

Do people think this is an unusual wedding? Not Japanese nationals! The groom believes that love knows no bounds. Moreover, the gaming content inspires to this conclusion: a man can build relationships with up to three female characters.

At first, the wedding goes in virtual reality. The ceremony is very beautiful and realistic. For the “official” photo created a cardboard figure of the bride.

VR Challenges

Nowadays the VR application and corresponding accessories allow players to tie a knot with a virtual woman not on a computer screen, but in virtual reality. The “groom” puts on a headset and sees his beloved one. The priest and assistants are present at the ceremony. During the traditional kiss, they bring artificial lips on a stick to the player’s face. All that’s going on has no legal effect.

Attempts to find a spouse among characters of gamers have made before virtual reality allowing holding something close to real marriage. The ceremony held at the Tokyo Science and Technology Festival was more like a presentation: the hero of the day showed on the big screen videos from the game and screenshots of his chat with a virtual sweetheart.

In the world of capitalism, people are very selfish. They don’t want to adjust to a partner. It’s easier to live in the world of dream. Imaginary world replaces the real one. Also, psychologists believe that women themselves are guilty of this trend because they are very demanding. They want a lot of money for a spa, cosmetics, garments, nice perfumes. They want to have a sexually active man but this is impossible since the husband is busy all the days making more and more money.

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