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The Japanese Are Getting married to VR Characters: People, What Is Wrong With You?

In Japan, a new trend is gaining momentum: virtual weddings with the characters of different games and animes. Ceremonies are held in the presence of a real priest and a virtual bride, whom only the groom sees.

One of the most popular games to make an impulse to a trend is Niizuma Lovely x Cation. This is a dating simulator, a subgenre of a popular visual novel in this country. In such games, the user has rather a passive role:

  • at the beginning of the game, he chooses or constructs a protagonist (one or more);
  • and then watches the simple plot unfold;
  • occasionally choosing cues in dialogues or scenarios.

On the most dating simulators, the final is a sex with a virtual character or a wedding; some apps allow you to continue the game in the format of a marriage simulator after paying for a ceremony. Of course, it’s not sound like normal thing! A Japanese resident fell in love with a she-character in virtual reality so much that he decided to marry her. read more

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