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The Weirdest Porn In the World: How To Unsee This

Different people like and prefer different porn movies, and certainly, some preferences may seem weird to other people. However, sometimes the directors of porn movies shoot videos that surpass just any healthy and unhealthy definition of weird. Trashy movies still go their own way, though. We are talking about inoffensive, harmless, but still incredibly weird porn videos ever shot.

Edward Penis Hands

This is a parody of the movie Edward Scissor Hands. In this video, the main character, how one can guess from the name of it, has penises instead of his hands. Despite the fact that the movie offers a lot of weird scenes, one of the weirdest is when the main character tries to eat spaghetti with his penis hands. read more

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Awards in the Porn Industry

There are a lot of different awards existing in the porn industry, despite the fact that it may be weird for an average person to discover porn movies and actors get awards. However, the porn industry is a huge industry with budgets of billions of US dollars, and some directors and actors are stars there. So, little surprise the industry has its own awards.

The Most Widespread Categories Of Awards

There are different awards and there are many of them, bigger and smaller. It seems more reasonable to discuss categories of awards that are given the most often. The industry has the following categories: read more

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