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Sex Dolls as the Next Stage in Porn Industry

According to some experts, thanks to such devices as sex dolls, the process of interaction between humans and robots will undergo revolutionary changes. Others, on the contrary, believe that this is one of the worst manifestations of the progress. However, for the porn industry, it’s a real breakthrough.

Nowadays sex dolls are all of the new types. And here are top features of this “girlfriend of future”:

  • She can move and talk;
  • Her mimicry and communication skills should be developed;
  • A body is very similar to a human one can be fitted with artificial intelligence;
  • It presents in home or car and gives a sense of presence;
  • Personal features are set in a special application that can be used to control the doll. You can interact with it via a smartphone or similar device. In the settings, you can choose a character: “capricious”, “violent” and “loving.” F. e. if you opt for “jealous”, and she may ask to unfriend “this woman” from social media;
  • There are two basic sets: with the function of face recognition – for about 10 thousand dollars, and without this it – for 5 thousand (prices may vary.)

More Details

Dolls are made in several stages. Currently, the factories manufacture custom ones for clients from all over the world. Most of them are men, but there are female clients. All robotic girls correspond to a specific ideal of beauty: they look like Barbie, with a thin waist, big buttocks, and large boobs. read more

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