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VR Porn With Actors Playing

Those who doubt whether to spend money on VR-porn source should say “yes” after they find out how it is being produced. This process is still extremely complicated, since it envisages very sophisticated and expensive ready-for-shooting VR-cameras – for example, Jaunt One.

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Here are some interesting facts on how virtual reality movies for adults with actors are being shot:

  • Each scene is being filmed from all angles simultaneously so that later the user can turn his head to either side. For high quality, the video must come at a speed of 60 frames per second. The higher is the resolution, the greater is the likelihood that the user will feel involved in what is actually happening.
  • The cameras stand on a tripod and spin like the head of an actor or actress, and all the wires are connected to a computer. However, the installation cannot be moved. Thus a porn actor is in a complete focus. As a result, we get a 180-or 360-degree video where the user can like move around. The set of plots is also limited: the story should explain why the character cannot move. Usually, this guy is on a massage table or in a hospital bed after an accident.
  • Videos that depend on the angle of view, offer you an exclusively fixed position: you cannot perform any movements, because it will immediately rock you. If the camera is moving in VR filming, and your head is not, the user is swayed.
  • The responsibility of thrilling content falls on the shoulders of the actress. She should not just play and have sex, but also constantly monitor her location in space. A woman cannot lean far to the left; otherwise, the frame will be cropped. If she gets too close, the image becomes blurred. For producing VR-porn requires a much more serious level of staging and art of playing, and the video itself should look as natural as possible.
  • Despite all the inconvenience industry stars claim that it is worth it to participate in such movies. New technologies should turn the world around and allow them to get closer to their fans. The fact that all their fans can experience such a unique feeling of being close to characters is incredibly exciting for the actors themselves.

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If you approach the matter wisely, you understand that virtual reality can take the user to a completely different level of interaction with porn. With the help of high-tech, you will not only watch your own fantasies on the monitor but also be able to participate in them with your favorite actors. Hope people mind will cope with such new challenges. After all, this is a gaming, entertainment, pastime, and it shouldn’t be taken very seriously. Leave time for real life and relations. read more

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